One of the key functions of MOCRA is to provide a national rating rule which allows multihulls of all shapes and sizes to compete on an equal footing. For example, MOCRA has it’s own ‘class’ entry in the JPM Round the Island race which attracted 28 entrants this year.

To obtain a rating, click on the MOCRA rating link above. The link is to a website which provides up to date information on the rating rule as well as a downloadable application form. The cost of a rating is just £26 and is administered by MOCRA volunteers.

We are pleased to announce Simon Baker as the new racing secretary for 2011.

See the racing calendar for the known events.... please contact the Racing Secretary if you are looking to start racing in your area and we will try to link you up with your nearest MOCRA members.

Multihull Racing


For all Rating info - the rule, forms to download and a list of current boats certificates. Or download from links below.

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Mocra rating 2014.pdfRacing_files/Mocra%20rating%202014.pdfRacing_files/Mocra%20rating%202013%20lr.pdfshapeimage_5_link_0
MOCRA Revalidation 2014Racing_files/MOCRA%20Revalidation%202014%20hr.pdfRacing_files/MOCRA%20Revalidation%202014%20hr.jpgshapeimage_6_link_0
mocra rating application 2014Racing_files/mocra%20rating%20application%202014.xlsRacing_files/mocra%20rating%20application%202014.xlsRacing_files/mocra%20rating%20application%202013.xlsshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1

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